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Kickoff Meeting


February 4, 2009


8:00 am         Introduction/Public-Private Partnership: Samantha Villegas.  Mrs. Villegas gave the kickoff to the meeting introducing Loudon’s open arms to working hand in hand with Local contractors.  Loudon’s objective is to conserve water and reduce the peak demand water needs which often times are elevated due to Sprinkler systems being set Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3-10 am.


8:45 am         Public Health Protection/Safety: Harry Heim, Zurn Wilkins:  Harry discussed the reason for backflows and why they need to be tested annually.  The RPZ is the chosen backflow for Loudon due to it being the most dependable with high hazard materials such as fertilizers.  He also stated that Wilkins has a new backflow which will make servicing systems easier.


9:30 am         Watering Techniques: Brent Mechum, Irrigation Association.  Brent brings a tremendous amount of experience from his time in the West Coast.  He reviews some water saving techniques such as regulating pressure on spray and rotor heads.  He believes the area has sufficient water for irrigation but we need to use water more wisely.


10:15 am        Break


10:30 am       Product Review #1: Rainbird.  Rainbird spoke about their ET control boxes and how they can save water throughout the year.  They also make rotary nozzles which conserve water.

11:00 am        Product Review #2: Hunter Industries.  Rick Clelan has vast experience in irrigation and states how Hunter has some of the most efficient rotary nozzles in the industry.


11:30 am        Product Review #3: Irritrol.  Scott Duncan from irritrol points out how most of the water wasted in irrigation is from customers setting their control box for the driest days.  He states their is a tremendous amount of water to be saved by adjusting the watering times throughout the year.


1:00 pm         Adjourn