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5 Key Points in Choosing a Sprinkler Contractor

5 Key Points in Choosing a Sprinkler Contractor:


Where should I begin in getting quotes for a sprinkler system? What should I consider?


Research, research, research!  If you want professional service from start to finish, you can’t expect it from the lowest bidder. If you are looking for a great experience, you need to take the time with each bidder to understand the following:  


  1. How long has the contractor been in business | How many sprinkler customers does the contractor have? The more experience, the better the experience!
  2. Is the sprinkler design well thought out – the designer should be asking questions such as, “Do you want to water the entire property”, “Do you want to water your front yard a different amount of time than the back and/or side”, “Do you want to water your shrubs the same amount of time as your grass”.  
  3. Reliable scheduling – you should evaluate how important it is for the contractor to begin and finish the project in a timely fashion. Delays are the most common complaint in the contractor business.. You should expect your project to be finished in 1 day if your property is less than one acre.  
  4. Professional supervision – you are paying a company a significant amount of money to do a professional job. It is important the chosen contractor employs both a professional project manager and experienced employees.  
  5. Responsive service – you need to find a company that stands behind its product and will service your needs in a professional way.

Contrary to popular belief, things such as the “brand of the parts” or “number of zones” are the least important factor in choosing a contractor. You need to find a professional contractor who will provide you with the best value, not price.


A beautiful lawnscape is part of your family’s home.  Green grass and vibrant plant-life are vital to your home’s beauty.