The Artificial Grass experts at Affordable Lawn and Sprinklers will help you take back your weekend!

Take back your weekend, with no mowing, no watering, no weeds, no chemicals, and no maintenance. Artificial turf (synthetic grass) is so realistic, even your dog won't know the difference. Now you can spend more time with family, friends, and even your pets!

The demand for synthetic grass is flourishing. It's easy to see why with so many benefits:

No Watering

With Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting's synthetic grass, your days of getting expensive water bills are finally over. Saving water means saving money . . . and the planet. Synthetic grass stays green, rain or shine, hot or cold, day and night.

No Watering

No Maintenance

With synthetic grass from Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting, you’ll spend time enjoying your yard, not working on it. No more mowing, fertilizing, and agonizing over brown spots. Plus, it's resistant to insects and ants. Spend more time with family, friends or... doing anything more fun than cutting grass!

No Maintenance

Safe For Kids & Pets

The synthetic grass we sell at Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting is safe for your children and your pets. It’s also soft and comfortable. Plus, when the crew comes back inside from playing, enjoy no muddy foot, shoe, or paw prints!

Safe For Kids & Pets

Weeds? No, Thank You!

When you’ve got synthetic grass from Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting, you’ll never have to look at pesky weeds again, or those ugly, brown ‘dead-spots’. Like an evergreen tree, Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting synthetic grass stays green and serene 365 days a year!

Weeds? No, Thank You!

Eco Friendly

Here’s a fact; synthetic grass is actually better for the surrounding environment than real grass, for several reasons. It never needs water, and never needs pesticides or herbicides. Say goodbye to fertilizing your lawn or spraying for weeds. No more worries about keeping your pets or kids off the grass after treatments.

Eco Friendly

Top Quality Coverage

Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting's synthetic grass is made to last, providing top-quality coverage that looks amazing for years.

Top Quality Coverage

Excellent Drainage

Our turf installers are uniquely skilled at understanding crucial drainage needs. Your synthetic grass will drain easily and quickly, so you can start using it again right away after inclement weather strikes. Even during freezes and snow, our turf is built strong to last.

Excellent Drainage

Highly Realistic

We take pride in offering the most realistic synthetic grass products in the industry. Unlike those sold in retail stores, our turf is so good, your friends and neighbors will have to get down on their hands and knees to see the difference! It’s so fake but looks so real.

Highly Realistic

Affordable Lawn, Sprinklers, and Lighting is your local resource for synthetic turf installation. Because we're innovative and solution-oriented, we supply and install cutting-edge, exceptionally durable, and realistic-looking synthetic turf that can be applied anywhere. 

We also install turf with current and future outdoor lighting designs in mind. 

Residential landscape applications include:


  • back yards,
  • front yards,
  • dog runs,
  • back yard putting greens,
  • roofs,
  • decks,
  • patios, and more.  


Affordable Turf’s exclusive artificial turf technologies include:

  • UV protection from the sun
  • Weather resistance
  • Stain and odor resistance
  • Anti-static protection
  • Anti-microbial effectiveness
  • Color consistency
  • Yarn elasticity for grass blade “spring back”
  • Softer, locked-in grass fibers
  • Safety, performance, and quality control testing
  • FIFA certifications
  • Realistic texture and much more


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Why install Affordable Synthetic Grass for your Home?

Affordable Synthetic Grass Has Curb Appeal

Our Northern Virginia lawns are comprised of loamy, clay soil. Establishing and maintaining lush, beautiful yards in these soil conditions is a challenge. Affordable artificial grass has a beautiful, ultra-realistic appearance that will have your neighbors wondering why your lawn always looks so perfect. Not to mention, artificial grass landscaping adds value to the resale value of your home.

You Have High Standards For Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, your refuge, the place where you feel most comfortable. That comfort should extend to your outdoor space as well, whether it’s your front lawn, backyard, rooftop, or balcony.

Work Less | Enjoy More

If you spend weekends and free-time maintaining your lawn, when do you actually get to enjoy it? This low-maintenance solution will allow you to spend leisure time in your yard. 

  • No More Lawn-Mowing: Say goodbye to lawnmower maintenance and trips to refill the gas can with our artificial grass.
  • No More Watering: While we love a beautiful, well-watered lawn, our Affordable turf eliminates water waste.
  • No More Edging: With Affordable artificial turf, your landscape will always look sharp and perfect.
  • No More Weeding: Imagine not having to weed your Northern Virginia lawn!
  • No More Fertilizer: Eliminate harsh chemicals from your lawn care routine. Pets, your children, and the planet all benefit from eliminating chemicals.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass and dogs mix quite well. Yes! Dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass just like they would on natural grass. Pee will seep through the grass the same way rainwater does. Simply scoop up the dog poop and hose down the area with water and/or a simple cleaner to wash away any remaining mess.

Your outdoor space should be a stress-free, peaceful oasis. Affordable synthetic grass for your home provides a beautiful, comfortable, low-maintenance surface to make your space more enjoyable.

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