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Artistic Landscape Lighting – 3 Key Points

Landscape Lighting Brings Function and Beauty

Light your Northern Virginia landscape with these 3 guidelines:

If you look around your neighborhood, chances are you’ll see some houses lit up at night. Just because outdoor lighting is growing in popularity does not necessarily mean it is all equal. Some implementations are better than others, and today we’re going to give you a look at the good and the bad of outdoor lighting. 

1. Light the House First

Though it may seem like a no-brainer, people often overlook the most important part of their properties when it comes to purchasing landscape lighting: the house. Some start lighting the trees and then the walkways and then do the house last, which is backward. The house should be the first focal point that you light up when lighting up your yard, after all, it’s the most valuable thing on your property! Do proceed with caution, as we all know you can have too much of a good thing. Overdoing it with the lighting ends up backfiring in the long run because instead of drawing attention to the objects and landscaping, you end up drawing more attention to the lights themselves. Keeping that in mind, be careful not to place too many lights in one confined area. Spreading the lights out throughout your yard to accent various landscape features can bring life to even the furthest corner of your yard and make it look “complete”. The main idea here is to be creative and avoid just putting the lights in a straight line. Stagger them and give trees and other features an accent, not a spotlight. 

2. Landscape Lighting For Safety and Function:

Not only does lawn lighting make your home and yard look nicer than others, but it is also a very functional investment, too! The accent lighting that illuminates your pathway at night can help first-time guests and pizza delivery guys find their way to your door while also being visually appealing. The lighting that is in the far corner of your yard that we discussed earlier does more than making your yard look “complete” – it can potentially deter thieves who are looking for a darker route to take when entering your property. Be sure not to fall for motion sensing lights for security purposes because they tend to be very ineffective. Why? If an intruder is deciding between two homes to break in to, they tend to go with the less-lit ones. If the lighting does not activate until somebody is already on the property, chances are they will commit and go through with the crime anyway. In the business of lawn lighting, doing it right the first time is key. We recommend using LED bulbs to extend the life of your lights and hiring professionals like us to help you achieve the yard of your dreams. Lawn lighting not only increases the beauty of your home but makes it a safer place for everyone inside. 

3. LED Bulbs Bring Aesthetics and Efficiency

You may have LED bulbs throughout your homes and in various fixtures. If you have a TV, laptop, or smartphone, you have this technology built into the displays. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it has many functional purposes as well. It is extremely durable, which is important for any outdoor electronics when they are being constantly exposed to water and other elements. Aside from that, they are notoriously energy efficient and will save you money in the long run, reducing electricity consumption by up to 70%. Finally, most smart products utilize LEDs and allow you to customize them with various colors and brightnesses. It seems like a no-brainer to invest in LEDs in order to have the most efficient yard on the block.

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