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Don’t Let Your Sprinkler System Be Left In The Cold: Home Care Advice for Winterization

                                  Don’t Let Your Sprinkler System Be Left Out In the Cold: Home Care Advice for Winterization

Winterization of your underground automatic lawn sprinkler system is important in maintaining your sprinkler through icy temperatures this winter. We can do it for you or if you want to take on this project yourself follow these basics to ensure all excess water and air is removed.

1. Ensure your water system is turned off and as much water has been drained as possible.

2. Make sure you have the right equipment: You’ll simply need an air compressor. If you don’t have one Affordable Lawn Sprinklers can help.

3. Connect the air compressor and piping to extract any air and water from the sprinklers

4. This process should be repeated several times at each station; repeat until ONLY air passes through the sprinkler heads.

5. Sprinkler and Hose Winterization: Water can freeze inside sprinkler components and wreak havoc. Frozen water can rupture hoses and deteriorate your system components. Disconnect and store sprinklers in a dry controlled climate out of the way of the elements.

6. Disconnect hoses from the water source and drain of excess water; coil and store in a dry controlled climate (indoors).

7. If you prefer to let us take care of your winterization, call us at (703)289-1155 and we’ll be there in a snap! … before the next cold snap.