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Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

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Poly Pipe vs. PVC


Although you will find a mixture of companies using both types of material in the Northern Virginia area, we feel Poly Pipe is a superior product. PVC is recommended for warmer areas such as Florida, Georgia, California, etc. Poly Pipe is recommended for areas susceptible to long freezes. If you go to North Carolina, you will find all companies using PVC. If you go to Pennsylvania, you will find all companies using Poly Pipe. Northern Virginia is in the middle and that is why you find a mixture of both. We not only double clamp all our connections, we also use stainless steel clamps and screws to prevent possible leakage.  Poly pipe is also a flexible pipe which holds up better to rocky soil climates.  Lastly, it comes in rolls of 300' which reduces the amount of connections needed.  PVC requires primer and cement every 20' to connect the two pipes and this creates an opportunity for workmanship errors or glue to fall apart and clog the valves over time.  Lastly, we carry the longest warranty in the area for our pipe, 5 years!