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Should I install a separate water meter for my sprinkler system?


If you are a resident in Northern Virginia then you may not need a separate meter for your lawn sprinkler system. Many water authorities in northern Virginia use your average water sewage rate during winter months and apply this rate for your summer months. This is a logical solution to avoid having to pay sewage for the water you use outside your home during the warmer months. Please check with your local water authority for information on your specific situation.

Here are a few counties that we know that offer separate meters:

City of Alexandria

Arlington (budget $4000-6000) reduces water rate about $8 per 100 minutes of water usage

Town of Vienna (fairly simple and inexpensive, budget $500-1000)

City of Fairfax (fairly simple and inexpensive, budget $500-1000)

Montgomery County (WSSC) (budget $2,000 - 3000)

Please see the following FAQs on this subject:
Fairfax County: http://www.fcwa.org/about/sewer.htm
Loudoun County: http://www.loudounwater.org/About/Understanding-Your-Water/Sewer-Bill/
Prince William County: http://www.pwcsa.org/documents/rates%20and%20fees/Cust_Ratebook_12pp_r5FNL08.pdf