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Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

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What is the recommended watering schedule?

Without knowing your property, it is difficult to recommend the perfect watering schedule for everyone. But here is good starting point:

  1. Calculate the total time needed to water your entire property (take a sheet of paper, write down the time you will be watering each zone, add up the total time)
  2. Evaluate what time your family begins using the water source in the morning (showers, dishwasher, laundry machine, etc). Take this time, subtract the total time needed to water your lawn and there is your recommended water time for your residence. We don’t recommend watering at night due to the possibility of getting fungus.
  3. We recommend watering spray zones less minutes per week than rotors due to the constant water flow on spray. During the fall and spring, we recommend watering shrubs 2 x’s per week for 10 minutes, during the peak of summer, try watering 3x’s per week.
  4. For rotors, we recommend watering in the fall and spring 3x’s per week for 15 minutes. During the summer, you should probably add 2 more watering sessions per week.

Please note, these are only recommended watering times, the best way to ensure the best program is to closely monitor your plants and lawn. If you find your plants and lawn starting to dry out or brown, you should add minutes. If you find your lawn to be really mushy and soggy, turn the watering time down.