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Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

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Will you know where my underground utilities are located?

Before we begin working on any property, we will contact Ms Utility of Virginia 72 hours before we begin your project to mark the following utility lines:  water line will be marked in blue, gas will be marked in yellow, power will be marked in red, and cable and phone will be marked in orange.  Typically, the cable and phone lines are the only shallow utility lines, they are often only 2-3” deep in the ground.  As a measure of precaution from hitting your cable or phone lines, we will hand dig around all utility lines.  But, there are no guarantees that you phone or cable line won’t be damaged.  There is no way to guarantee that the line was accurately marked or we won’t hit the line hand digging with a pick and shovel.  If a utility line is hit, our project manager will promptly inform you and instruct you on how to resolve the issue.  Typically the cable and phone companies are very reactive in providing great service and schedule a service tech to your property right away and do not charge a fee.