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Late Summer Projects for Boys and Grills

Summer, the season of cookouts, freshly-cut grass, and sunny days, is, like all good things in life, coming to a screeching halt in the coming weeks. Though you may think that it’s as simple as putting patio furniture and appliances into storage, Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting is happy to give you a few pointers that will surely save you a headache come next Spring. 

First, let’s start with that grill. To clean the grates, turn your grill’s heat up all the way, and then turn it off and let it cool until it is warm but safe to touch. Remove the grates and scrub the gunk off with warm, soapy water until clean! Next, we’re going to clean out the firebox. Simply disconnect the propane and then remove the flavorizer bars and clean them, and then scrape down the firebox and use warm, soapy water to clean out the inside. If you have difficulty cleaning the crevices of the flavorizer bars, then use a toothpick to clean the unreachable areas! Next, we are going to check the propane hose. Turn on the gas, and then sprinkle soapy water on the hose close to where it meets the tank. If it bubbles up at all, that means you need to replace the hose! If not, then disconnect and store it. 

Moving on from the grill, if you have basic patio furniture that you are going to store outside, be sure to have it tethered down to something. The Fall and Winter seasons can get windy, and having that furniture jostled around can result in damage or complete loss! This time of year is also good for cleaning off your patio or deck altogether! Pressure washing or hosing down your outdoor living area can remove the wear and tear of everyday usage and keep it fresh and ready to go for the Spring! 

Lastly, let’s talk about how to get that sprinkler system ready for the cold months!  According to Rainbird (who ought to know a thing or two about sprinklers), it is important to insulate your main shut off valve, whether it be with insulation foam or a plastic bag, so it doesn’t freeze. Next, depending on what system you have, you need to shut down the main controller. This will prevent any accidental activation. Last, but certainly not least, it is so very important to remove any remaining water from the pipes. This is something that could be potentially dangerous to do by yourself, so give us a call and we will take care of it for you! 

Of course, Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting in Northern Virginia knows all about lawn sprinkler winterization! In October or November, our service technician visits to winterize your sprinkler system.  Using our commercial-grade air compressor we blow all water out of the valves, spray heads and rotors, preventing freezing in the water lines. At this time, we’ll ask that you turn the water off from the inside of the house but leave the master shut-off on the outside of your house in the “on” position. It’s similar to turning off the water line to your outdoor spigot. In doing so you ensure water doesn’t remain in the line which could freeze, expand and crack your water line.  Call us to schedule your lawn sprinkler winterization.

We offer all kinds of warranties and services for every season, so if you don’t want to take all of the maintenance work upon yourself, we would be glad to assist you and prevent expensive damage that tends to come with lack of proper care to the system. As always, thank you very much for reading, and from everyone at Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting, we wish you a happy Fall!