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Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

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Different options for outdoor lighting

Here are some areas to consider with outdoor lighting.

*  Uplighting the facade of your home, walkway or landscaping (this will deter undesirable people from approaching your property at night).

*  Outdoor living spaces (pools, outdoor kitchens, spas, gardens, gazebos, trellises)

*  Entertaining spaces (decks, piers, docks, boardwalks).  You can utilize a variety of techniques:  downlighting, sconces on the post, stair lights)

*  Trees (it is gorgeous to uplight tree canopy or trees with unique texture)

*  Fences

*  Water features (fountains, rivers, ponds).  My favorite to properly position lights to create a reflection of what is behind the water feature.