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Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

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How to choose your brand of lights?

Although the growing number of lighting manufacturers can be daunting, selecting the right fixture for your project can be simple.  Below I will discuss the various brands and things to consider when selecting your fixtures.

Think of malibu lights like disposable clothes, there new, there fun but they won't last but a couple of uses.  These fixtures are very inexpensive but are poorly made.

I put all of these lighting manufacturers in the same lighting class.  Each of them makes hundreds of fixtures and all of high quality.  They all do extensive quality assurance testing on their product lines.  To sum it up, they are mid-range fixtures that offer a good bang for the buck.

Cast Lighting
These lights are extremely durable!  Anyone would has any concerns about the durability of lighting fixtures should seriously entertain this brand.  The lights are manufactured in Venezuela from a heavy duty brushed bronze.  The lights are very attractive and will last a lifetime.  I would consider these highend lights.

Unique Lighting
Another fantastic lighting manufacturer.  The thing I like about this manufacturer is they only do low voltage lights and they take it very seriously.  The founder/owner of Unique is still actively involved and very passionate about the business.  This company is the leader in the industry whom most others copy.  They  were the first to create the "hub and spoke" method of wiring and the utilization of lenses.  They also offer a multitude of lighting fixtures which allows unlimited options for your project.  Lastly, the offer two lines of products:  the brushed bronze series (more expensive) and the copper series.