Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting

Lawn Sprinkler info sheet for well systems

Thank you for considering Affordable Lawn Sprinklers for your lawn sprinkler contractor. The purpose of this email is to guide you towards accurate and effective design for using well water for your lawn sprinkler system.

Prior to our designer arriving for your estimate, we ask that you obtain the following information:

Well report (specifically we need the depth of the well and the yield of the well in gallons per minute). This can be obtained in Fairfax County by calling: 703-246-2201 and Prince William County by calling: 703-792-6310. Unfortunately in Loudoun County the homeowner needs to go to their office at 1 Harrison Street, S.E., 2nd Floor Leesburg, VA 20177 and ask for a copy of their well report. Another option is to contact the person that installed or services the pump on your well. Generally you can find their contact info on a sticker on your blue pressure tank where the main water line enters the basement
Information on the contractor who installed the well or pump. We need to verify with a pump specialist on the correct amount of water we can use for your irrigation system. Improper use can deplete your well and cause costly damage to your current pump.

If you would like for Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting to serve as a consultant to design and recommend the right pump and sprinkler combination, we will charge $195.00. This will provide you the following:

1) Well report from the local water authority

2) Information and capability of current pump

3) Sprinkler design

4) Recommended pump upgrade and cost associated (if necessary)

5) Final recommendation and price for sprinkler system