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Low Voltage Safety

Low Voltage Safety

One can never be too safe when you are installing outdoor lighting system.  Here are few items to consider for your system:

1)  Make sure you use reputable fixtures and transformers.  I would avoid purchasing knockoffs made in China, they do not conduct enough product testing with most of their fixtures.  It is another added expense in which they are forced to comply with.  Also, they do not bear the same liabilities as companies in the US.

2)  Make sure you do not overload the circuit or transformer. 

3)  Use a thicker wire, we use 12/2 and 10/2 wire.  The thicker the wire, the less voltage drop you will have as you run longer distances from the tranformer.

4)  Use lubricated wire nuts to protect your wire splices.  Don't use the plastic splice kits that often come with the lighting fixture.

5)  Make sure you don't have two "hot"wires touch, they will spark and could cause the wire to smoulder and melt.  The "hot" wires are the individual wires next to each other with the plastic covering. 

6)  Do NOT have mulch on top of your fixtures.  These fixtures do conduct heat and they need to breathe.  Make sure you let your landscapers know not to bury the lighting fixtures with mulch.

7)  Hire a professional!  Never play around with water or electricity.  If you aren't a 100% sure you know what you are doing, don't do it.