Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting

How much does a “typical” sprinkler installation cost?

Convenient Approach to Pricing

You are busy. We want to make the process easy to get an idea of what a system will cost. We can usually determine pricing within a few hundred dollars without stepping foot on your property. Factors include: plumbing (cost of permit, type of backflow, complexity of plumbing), cost of parts, and labor.

To get a quote fast:

  1. Email us your address and we will look at your property online.
  2. Indicate which sections of your property you would like to have watered.
  3. We will email an estimate.  (The only thing we can’t determine is the final cost of plumbing.)
  4. If this is in line with expectations we will have a consultant visit your property to finalize the estimate.

Here are a few things that change pricing:

  • Plumbing more difficult than we anticipated
  • Project needs to installed by hand (ie no access to area, heavilly rooted area, steep slope…)
  • Changes in scope (old satellite photos)


Feel free to call or email anytime with questions.