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Smart Irrigation for Homowners and Commercial Businesses

Irrigation Association News Release
Feb. 22, 2006
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Irrigation Association Names July Smart Irrigation Month

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Feb. 22, 2006) — The Irrigation Association has named July Smart Irrigation Month to raise awareness of the importance of using irrigation efficiently.

"Our  mission is to promote efficient and effective irrigation worldwide," said IA Executive Director Tom Kimmell. "Smart Irrigation Month is a way for the industry to highlight irrigation equipment and practices that make the most of our most precious resource."

"While the irrigation industry is bringing increasingly efficient technology to the marketplace, irrigation consumers have an important role in choosing efficient technology and using it effectively," Kimmell said.

IA members in every segment of the industry will be asked to display the Smart Irrigation Month logo and share tips for efficient irrigation with their customers in July while highlighting products and services that promote efficient irrigation.

The Irrigation Association's Turf and Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices recognize that an efficient automatic irrigation system requires quality parts and design, accurate installation, proper maintenance and effective management.

American agriculture becomes more efficient every year, with statistics showing irrigated farms are moving to more efficient modern irrigation practices allowing growers to produce more on less land with less water.

Watch for the Smart Irrigation Month logo, information about efficient irrigation and opportunities to participate.


Since 1949, Irrigation Association members have led the advance in water-use efficiencies to create smarter solutions for agricultural, residential and commercial landscape irrigation. The IA is comprised of industry professionals from both public and private sectors — researchers, technicians, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, system designers, consultants and contractors — all dedicated to developing the irrigation industry and effectively utilizing our most vital resource.