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David Beausoleil Responds to Consumer Reports Article

Landscape Lighting expert voices objections and concerns.

(PRWEB) July 21st, 2005 – The July issue of Consumer Reports features a review of Outdoor Lighting for homeowners. After reading the piece, lighting industry expert and instructor, David Beausoleil voices strong concerns and warns consumers.

He notes, “While Consumer Reports does a fine job in helping consumers with many do-it-yourself projects, their treatment of Outdoor Lighting not only misses the mark, it encourages homeowners to embark on a task that is both risky and short lived.”

Mr. Beausoleil, founder of CAST Lighting, has trained hundreds of landscape professionals through his course at Rutgers University and his company-sponsored hands-on seminars. He states that only after an intensive full-day training do individuals learn the proper wiring and splicing techniques to ensure a safe and durable installation.

“The article in Consumer Reports correctly states that low voltage installation is not subject to the dangers of high voltage wiring. However, the lighting transformer must be safely connected to a high voltage GFI (ground fault interrupted) outlet. This outlet must be installed by a licensed electrician – a point not mentioned in the article. Many do-it-yourselfers use extension cords to power their transformers, a violation of electrical codes and a fire and shock hazard.”

“I also object to the editors’ selection of “best buys” in the fixture categories. After many years working as a lighting distributor, I know from experience that the average life of most of these fixtures is six months to a year in an outdoor environment. Even some landscape professionals make the mistake of using these fixtures that break easily and corrode quickly. That’s why I started my own company manufacturing only solid bronze and copper fixtures. These fixtures will withstand any kind of punishment and will continue to function year after year.”

“The Consumer Reports article also makes recommendations on lighting transformers. They suggest purchasing a transformer equal to the total wattage of the fixtures. Instead, a transformer’s capacity should be equal or greater than only 80% of the total lamp wattage. This allows for the additional load caused by voltage loss in the wire. An overloaded transformer will overheat and eventually fail. Professional installers use transformers with multiple voltage taps that allow them to carefully control voltage at each fixture. If voltage falls too much then lamps prematurely burn out.”
“I’m not trying to dissuade consumers from low voltage outdoor lighting. This energy efficient lighting is far better than the high voltage floodlights and lamp posts. In addition to greatly enhancing the beauty and value of a home, it provides additional safety, security and enhances homeowners’ ability to enjoy their outdoor spaces in the evening.”

“The purpose of my response is to strongly encourage homeowners to find a qualified landscape lighting installer. These professionals will not only install a safe and durable system using quality products, their design expertise will result in lighting that is breathtakingly beautiful.”

About David Beausoleil and CAST Lighting:
An instructor of Landscape Lighting at Rutgers University for 12 years, David launched CAST Lighting LLC., one of the fastest growing landscape lighting manufacturers in the country. Based on his 20-year experience with design, installation and distribution, he created a line of hand crafted solid bronze and copper fixtures, transformers and other system components that have raised the industry benchmark for quality and innovation. Information about CAST Lighting can be found at or by calling 1-800-914-CAST.