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New Improvement Upgrades Qualify You for Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction On Outdoor Lighting

New Home Improvement Upgrades Qualify You For Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction on Outdoor Lighting

You may be eligible for an energy efficiency tax deduction claimable through January 1, 2014 for your energy cost saving improvement.

Outdoor Lighting is the easiest way to not only lower your monthly energy bill but also receive a tax deduction for sustainable energy improvement. Through Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Outdoor Lighting’s methods, we save cost of energy for our customers by installation of only low voltage LED lighting with timers, photo sensors, dimmers, motion detectors, and other energy management systems necessary to keep energy waste to a minimum and lower the overall monthly energy cost.

We provides the home owner guidance on how to program and control the installed energy management system to only turn on after sunset and off at sunrise. This type of lighting installation not only improves the quality of light and adds curb appeal to your home’s exterior but also greatly reduces energy waste and saves the home owner money.

So how do you know if you qualify? Here are some of the requirements as listed by The National Electronic Manufacturer’s Association.

Primary Requirements:

1. Only New Buildings or Renovations of Facilities
2. Include Bi-Level Switching for reduced lighting output
3. One control per per 2,500 square feet if space is smaller than 10,000 square feet

What’s more, this can apply to both residential or commercial facilities. If you are using your home as a home-based business, you can earn a tax credit on many home improvements. The easiest tax deduction being lighting.

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