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New Year’s Resolution – The Importance of Reminders (for you AND for your lawn!)

We are all keen on getting more organized as we catapult into 2020.  Effective reminder systems are terrific ways to keep what we have to do top-of-mind.  These triggers stand in our way until we cross the finish line.


A trigger is anything that you put “in your way” to remind you to do something. The best triggers are related in some way to the behavior you want to produce.

For instance, if you want to remember to take something to work tomorrow, put it on your driver’s seat the night before.

Anything that catches your attention and reminds you to do something can be a trigger. Your alarm clock prompts you to get out of bed; your oven-timer reminds you to remove your roast; your Apple Watch reminds you to stand and to breathe!

If you want to instill a habit, the thing to do is to place a trigger in your path to remind you to do whatever it is you’re trying to make into a habit — and keep it there until you realize that you’ve already done the thing it’s supposed to remind you of.

For instance, a note that reads “watch your carbs” placed on the fridge door (or maybe on your favorite snack itself)  can help you remember that you’re supposed to be mindful of added sugars — until one day you realize that your reminder has become an instinctive habit.

These triggers all require a lot of forethought, though — you have to remember that you need to remember something in the first place.

For a lot of tasks, the best reminder is one that’s completely automated — you set it up and then forget about it, trusting the trigger to pop up when you need it.

Enter Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting’s March Automated Reminder~

We are always yammering on about the importance of your Lawn Sprinkler’s Spring Turn-On Service.  This is why we have established an automated email reminder for our customers replete with a Spring Turn On scheduling link.  Since automating this trigger, we have seen a huge increase in on-line scheduling activity and a decrease in calls that come in after we are completely booked.  Happy Clients – Happy Techs – Happy Lawn!

Why We are Trigger-Happy at Affordable:

Spring Lawn Sprinkler System Activation is critical for the health of your system and for the beauty of your Northern Virginia lawn.

In anticipation of Spring, our Affordable experts are adept at executing this punch-list:

  • Turn on the water.
  • Re-install your backflow hardware.
  • Check and flush all valves.
  • Align and adjust spray heads and rotors to ensure coverage.
  • Check the mainline and each zone for leaks.
  • Program the control box with our recommended springtime water-efficient schedule.

Look for your reminder email in March with the automated, on-line scheduling link.  Not part of the Affordable family yet? We would love to hear from you. Give us a call at 703-289-1155.