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Residential Energy, 5th Edition: Energy Efficiency Reference Tool Recommeded by Outdoor Lighting and Lawn Care Experts

A home owner thinking about the addition of outdoor night lighting would find Residential Energy, 5th Edition a useful reference tool for discovering ways to save home energy cost. Use of sensors and setting timers to control the times of day outdoor lighting is turned off and on as well as product brand quality light bulbs used, and a well-thought out design of the installation are extremely important factors to ensure energy efficiency and energy savings.

Author of Residential Energy, 5th Edition, John Krigger, founder of Saturn Resource Management has shared his vast knowledge and experience through countless seminars on energy efficiency in the home for more than 20 years and has written five books on the subject.

John’s expertise in energy conservation and sustainability has been condensed in one publication, now on its 5th edition; known as a house hold hand book for the energy conscious home owner. Readers will learn how to audit their home’s energy consumption and learn ways to improve energy waste from a global view of the home in its entirety.

As a company who installs energy efficient irrigation and lighting systems, Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Outdoor Lighting recommends this read for anyone thinking about making an addition or replacement.  It is important to view home energy cost savings from a whole-home approach and fully understand the multiple ways to save money on a monthly basis with the right design and the right system.

Residential Energy, 5th Edition starts at $71.00 new, but can be found on for much less. We recommend starting here first.

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