Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting

Spring has sprung!

March has come and preparations are in full swing for our Spring Turn-On services. All our existing customers will begin seeing our full-color reminder mailer [Flyer] in their mailbox and getting reminder calls to set up their spring service!

Having our trained technicians do your turn-on in the spring is your best bet for reliable service throughout the season. Affordable Lawn Sprinklers knows that the whole system needs to be reviewed for damage and adjusted for coverage, especially after the weight of all that snow sitting on it for months! Your Technician will activate the water supply, check for leaks and test the functionality of every part of the system, then walk the zones and adjust or repair as necessary to get your system in top shape for the season ahead.

We recommend your irrigation system be started up and active to protect your valuable landscaping by June, but, as many folks do planting or over-seeding as early as the first week of April we begin our scheduling then. April and May are such cool, wet months that these are good times to come out and get the system ready to protect your lawn from the summers heat!

Call the Office at 703-289-1155 to schedule your Spring Turn-On Service soon, dates are filling up rapidly!