Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting

Testimonial from one of our customers


I am so sorry, I have not forgotten about Ed Gardo, because obviously he left a lasting impression by his phenomenal service call.  I have been extremely busy and have had no time to stop, relax and take a breather.  Writing to you about Ed Gardo was very important and I would appreciate if my words of appreciation are conveyed to his immediate supervisors and also to the Corporate chiefs so they know that hard working & committed people do make a huge difference.

Gardo was extremely gracious, cheerful, polite with a constant kind smile.  He shook hands like a true professional. Attentively listening to our issues and then assuring us that his priority is to make us happy & satisfied. He most certainly went beyond the call of duty to make sure all sprinkler heads were properly adjusted and positioned in a manner where unnecessary water wastage could be avoided.

I congratulate Affordable for having a remarkable employee like Gardo and I extend my sincere gratitude to Gardo for being so Super , dedicated and so loyal to his employer to make sure his company does not miss a business opportunity. Gardo, keep up the good work.  To the management & leadership team of Affordable I will say, you are lucky to have an employee like Gardo, it is easy to fnd people but trusted individuals like Gardo are hard to come by.

Thank you very much indeed,