Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting


Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting is your local resource for synthetic turf installation. Because we’re innovative and solution-oriented, we supply and install cutting-edge, exceptionally durable, and realistic-looking synthetic turf that can be applied anywhere. 

Beyond giving you the gorgeous lawn you’ve always wished for, artificial grass has other talents. For example, you can use it to cover patios, decks, and walkways around your property. You can install fake grass right over concrete and other hard surfaces. And there are a lot of great reasons to do that. 


If you have a small patio, covering the entire area with artificial turf can transform the ambiance into that of a compact, well-kept yard. If your lawn is tiny, you can easily extend it by installing artificial grass on your patio and deck. Your yard will appear more extensive, and you’ll have more grassy play space year-round. 

Faux grass not only looks like the real thing, it feels pretty much like the real thing underfoot – thick and luxurious. Unlike the real thing, though, it’s a breeze to maintain. You can use a small leaf blower to remove bits of debris or blow dust and dirt off your patio. Less work equals more fun time, and with artificial grass, your patio is always party-ready. 

Apartment Decks

Many folks who live in a high-rise apartment or condo miss not having a lawn. But you can! Artificial grass grows anywhere. Installing it on your deck or balcony gives you that grassy experience you crave. It’s efficient, too. Fake grass can be cut to precisely fit around deck posts, wall anomalies, large statuary pieces, or plant boxes. Or you can create a grassy area rug instead of covering the entire deck. 

You can even achieve a genuinely distinctive look by using different colors and artificial turf textures to create patterns and designs. 

With artificial grass on your deck, you can say goodbye to splinters and slimy surfaces, mold, and mildew that can develop on wet wood. Fake grass drains and dries quickly. 

Pool Decks

Another deck that can benefit from artificial grass is the one surrounding your pool. Whereas slipping on wet concrete is a primary concern with most pool decks, faux grass is safer. Synthetic turf doesn’t get slippery when damp or suffer damage from pool chemicals. And it feels so much cooler and softer underfoot. 

Not only that, it helps keep your pool cleaner, capturing debris and dirt that otherwise get tracked into the pool. That inevitable mess can clog your filter, and it increases maintenance time. We know you’d rather be swimming or playing Marco Polo with the kids. We also know you’ll love how much prettier your pool surround looks – and the way it blends beautifully with the rest of your landscape – once you’ve converted to artificial grass. 


Since artificial grass grows consistently lush and vibrant at any elevation, it is ideal for rooftop gardens, too. Affordable turf provides a stunning way to turn a flat roof or rooftop deck into a practical and pretty space. You can create a lawn, bocce ball court, custom putting green . . . whatever fits your style and space. Artificial grass is much lighter than natural grass, and our tile installation system ensures superior drainage. A grassy roof can help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, too. 

All you need is a little furniture and some containers filled with tall grasses, flowers, veggies, and herbs, and you’ve added another room to your square footage. Nice work! 

Artificial grass enhances patios and decks’ look and livability with a bit of investment of time, effort, or money. It can increase your home’s curb appeal and its future resale value. And for all of you pet-lovers out there, all our Affordable synthetic turf products are pet-friendly. 

Your home is your sanctuary, your refuge, the place where you feel most comfortable. That comfort should extend to your outdoor space as well, whether it’s your front lawn, backyard, rooftop, or balcony.

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