Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting

Unique Lighting Training held at Atlantic Irrigation

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers had their service technicians attend a lighting seminar in Loudon County with Atlantic Irrigation on 24volt lighting systems for low voltage lighting.  24 volt lighting systems are reducing the amount of wire needed for lighting jobs.  Instead of installing 5-6 lights per strand of 12/2, you can now look at using 14 gauge wire or even consider installing up to 13 35 watt lights for your low voltage lighting system. 

Another benefit of this lighting system is you can run longer distances as well.  Previously, most professional lighting companies used the cliche 200′ and 200 watts, meaning, you could run a wire 200 feet away from the transformer and utilize 200 watts.  Now you can run 300 and 400 feet runs without significant voltage loss.

Lastly, it also allows you to utilize a higher percentage of the transformers potential.  Previously, we were all trained to use 80% of the listed capacity of the transformer.  Now, these 24 volt low voltage lighting systems allow you use 90%. 

The bottom line, it saves not only money but also copper which just makes sense.

Don’t forget, we serve the following Counties:  Loudon, Prince William, Fairfax and Montgomery.