Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting


Terms & Conditions

ReRy LLC dba Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting (ALS) agrees that by accepting this contract it will endeavor to the best of its ability at all times to use its experience and talents to perform all duties that are required of and from it in agreement to the express and implicit terms of the contract

1. LIMITED WARRANTY: Affordable Lawn Sprinklers (“ALS”) warrants all workmanship performed in installation of sprinkler, lighting and artificial turf materials and any other workmanship furnished under this Agreement.  ALS offers no warranty as to the materials and fitness for particular purpose of any goods provided under this Agreement.  Warranties for materials are provided by the manufacturer, and if ALS is in possession of any warranty information from the manufacturer, it will provide the manufacturer warranty information upon request by customer.   If within two (2) years after completion of the work, depending on warranty claim, any of the work is found to be defective or not in accordance with this Agreement, the contractor shall correct it promptly after receipt of a written notice from the owner to do so. The owner shall give prompt notice of the discovery of the condition. Failure to give prompt notice shall void the warranty. In no event will consequential damage be covered by this warranty. This warranty covers only replacement of parts and equipment and does not cover damage to any of the customer’s property inside or outside of the house, regardless of whether the damage was caused by ALS. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied, and is null and void if the owner has not paid in full for the work. ALS reserves the right to make the warranty null and void if it is determined that another company or individual not under the direct employ of ALS performs work on the system at anytime during the warranty period. Any altered or modified equipment will not be warranted. If ALS determines, in its sole judgment, that defects have been caused by customer error or misuse, the warranty will also be voided.  This warranty is for new systems only and does not apply to any service work performed by ALS. Affordable Lawn Sprinklers will not cover the following items under this warranty:


    • Changes in water pressure or flow rates: The system will be designed to accommodate the existing water pressure and flow rates at the time of installation. If water pressure or flow rates decrease or increase after installation ALS will not be responsible for any inadequate operation of the system. ALS will not be responsible for water hammering.
    • Acts of God:  Any damages resulting from acts of God; natural causes such as but not limited to freezing temperatures, lightning, hail, wind storm, erosion.
    • Any damages resulting from vandalism, theft, crime, or fire.
    • Any damages resulting from other construction on the property such as but not limited to landscaping, hardscaping, deck work or other type of building work on the property.
    • Damage due to dirty water from well water systems or particles that will cause the system to clog. ALS will not cover damage to homeowners well or pump due to overuse of well water for the irrigation system. Additional filtration systems, water testing, and or cleansing chemicals needed to make the system operational will be at the expense of the purchaser.
    • Consequential damage:  Any consequential damage caused by any of the aforementioned items. 

Outdoor lighting

    • It is important to to keep mulch and other combustible materials off lighting fixtures to prevent them from overheating.  It is also important to dig carefully in plant beds with lighting fixtures to avoid nicking or cutting wires.  ALS assumes no liability for fires caused by fixtures covered by mulch or cut wires.  
    • ALS disclaims warranty for all items listed in the Sprinklers subheading in this Outdoor lighting subheading. 

2. PUBLIC & PRIVATE UTILITY LINES, OTHER BURIED PROPERTIES: Affordable Lawn Sprinklers will create a utility ticket a minimum of 72 hours prior to the installation requesting that all public utilities be marked and located. ALS will not begin work until it has received a clearance from the utility marking companies. ALS is not responsible for any utility lines or cables damaged due to improper location. ALS will hand dig around all marked utility lines. ALS is not responsible for any damage to underground pipe, electrical wire, lighting, dog fence, drainage, Septic lines, pool lines, wires and or private gas lines or any other private buried properties or structures that have not been properly marked (within 2 feet) by the purchaser with stakes, flags or paint and brought to the attention of the foreman on site. All repairs of unmarked lines shall be at the expense of the purchaser.

3.PROPERTY LINES & RIGHT OF WAY EASEMENTS: All property lines including adjoining property lines or right of way easements should be clearly marked and or staked out and a property layout shall be provided by the customer before the installation begins. The purchaser is ultimately responsible for the proper marking of all property lines and right of way easements. Any additional work needed to move sprinkler equipment due to the improperly marking of property lines and right of way easements will be at the expense of the purchaser.

4.WATER REQUIREMENTS: All design work is based off  a water flow rate of  12+ Gallons Per Minute (GPM) and 60 PSI. If it is determined at start of installation that customer’s water availability is less than 15 GPM, ALS reserves the right to re-bid job for additional zones if necessary or in some cases the additional cost of a Booster pump may apply.

5. PLANT & TREE ROOT DAMAGE: ALS will not be responsible for any tree, shrub, or plant root damage resulting from the installation of the sprinkler or lighting system.

6. BORING AND DRILLING: ALS assumes no responsibility for damage caused to driveways, sidewalks, hardscape patios or other structures that require boring underneath those areas in order to achieve access. The purchaser understands and acknowledges that access holes may have to be drilled into the home or building for access. ALS is not responsible for cracks in foundation, brick or other type surfaces caused by drilling of access holes. ALS will not be responsible for repairing any drywall work that may need to be repaired as a result of cutting or drilling needed for access or to complete a job.

7. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide an adequate electrical supply within five feet of the desired location of the sprinkler or lighting control system. Any additional electrical work needed to supply efficient power is the responsibility of the purchaser.

8. WATER USE AND WATER PROGRAMING: ALS will not be held responsible for any water consumption charges for any reason what so ever. ALS assumes no responsibility for the health of shrubs, trees, plants and turf due to the purchaser’s watering program.

9. CANCELLATION POLICY: ALS reserves the right to cancel installation and return deposit less any cost or expenses incurred, for any reason at the sole discretion of ALS. Any cancellation of the contract by the purchaser before the start date will result in a 10% restocking fee plus any additional costs or expenses incurred by ALS.

10. CLEAN UP: ALS will clean up debris and trash resulting from the installation as well as tamp, rake and backfill the areas of the property that trenching and pipe pulling took place. In the event that any of the following obstacles are encountered in the digging area, an additional charge will be made to the client on a time and material basis. This may require that the item that was encountered be removed, repaired or relocated. This includes but is not limited to the following items: boulders (larger than 2’x2’), old foundations, stumps, irrigation lines, lighting wires, underground springs, asphalt or concrete. ALS will sweep dirt and mud, but will not be responsible for any staining created by dirt or mud on sidewalks, patios, decks and driveways. The customer is informed that some yard damage may occur and to expect approximately 4-6 weeks on average for the lawn and yard to recover from installation. ALS is not responsible for repairing the yard to its original state before installation took place.

11. DISPUTE CLAUSE: If there is any dispute arising from this contract, the matter shall be determined by arbitration or litigation at the sole choice of ALS. ALS shall be entitled to recover its attorney’s fees expended in any legal action related to this contract or the relationship between ALS and the homeowner in which ALS prevails.

12. FAILURE TO PAY, LATE CHARGES, LIENS: Final payment is due at the completion of work. The failure to pay all amounts due and owed to ALS within 30 days of the completion of work (unless otherwise noted in this agreement) shall constitute a material breach of this contract. Upon such breach, the purchaser shall be liable to ALS for all costs incurred in collecting the amount owed including all attorney fees. The purchaser also agrees that upon failure to make all payments due provided in this contract, the moneys owed will bear an interest rate of the lower of 24% per annum or the highest amount permissible by law. There will be a $35 charge for all NFS returned checks. If the purchaser is the owner of the property on which the work is performed, ALS shall have the right to perfect a lien on such property in the same manner specified for a mechanics’ lien under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

13. ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND APPLICABLE LAW: This is the entire agreement and understanding between the parties hereto and there are no other agreements or covenants between the parties not contained herein. This contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Manufacture Warranty

For your convenience we’ve included links to some of our material suppliers manufacture warranties.