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What Landscape Lighting Does for Your Home & Your Gnome

We turned to experts in real estate and home security for a unique summary of the many ways landscape lighting can add value to your home.

The finishing touch for any landscape is decorative outdoor lighting. With it, your landscape is never dormant. Without it, your home exterior is not only dark; it’s an invitation for prowlers and even nocturnal animals.

Dynamic decorative lighting is a game-changer! With a network of accent lights set with timers, your home will be transformed at night and take on special warmth – much more than it does with only a porch light or lamppost that stands alone.


Floodlights illuminate your home at night. When coming and going after sundown, you will be able to negotiate the garage and door entries, as well as flagstone and brick pathways on and around your lawnscape.


If you don’t already have a security service, you will with a night lighting network. Just coming home late at night will make you feel safer. As you walk to your front door, you will clearly see the entire landscape, even the hidden areas by your shrubbery. Landscape lighting acts as a security system. Yard Illumination gives you peace of mind, should your son or daughter be arriving after hours. If you’re expecting a delivery, personnel will be able to visibly negotiate their path to your front door. There will be few worries about someone tripping or turning an ankle due to darkness. As another safety feature, even if an electrical line is cut, there is no risk of a shock with a 12-volt electrical system.


Also consider your property value. You know it will attract the eye of a home-shopper, should you ever desire to sell. Your property will have “curb appeal” 24 hours a day. Someone interested in buying your home will have an established security system and one of the most beautiful homes in the neighborhood upon settlement.
Decorative touches are limitless. Landscape lights will illuminate your deck. They can highlight figurines in your shrub beds, like your favorite garden gnome! Entrances will be visible. Split rail, wood fences and rich stone walls will be illuminated. Brick paved-driveways will be lit so their cobbled texture will be visible at night. Flowing vines over arbors, on trellises and surrounding gazebos will be enhanced with dim lighting. If you have a pond with spitters or a waterfall, lighting is essential. Your waterscape deserves to be seen, as well as heard, at night. And yes, your lawn will be green even after sundown.

Think how beautiful your home could look. And think how safe you and your family will feel!

PS. Think this guy is perfect for your lawn?  Here’s where we found him hiding: