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Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers

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The Top Choice for Lawn Sprinklers and Outdoor Lighting Installation in Fairfax County!

The only component of your most valuable investment that doesn’t depreciate is on the outside of your home, specifically the lawn and landscape. But how do you protect it? You need answers after investing in a wrap-around landscape installation featuring flowering trees, shrubs, ground covers and other ornamentals. Plant specimens may be low maintenance, but how do you keep them healthy and thriving?  Simple, a automatic lawn sprinkler system.  A lawn sprinkler system is the only way to consistently water your plants.

Watering may be the simple answer, but it’s actually a complicated process. Consider drought, high heat indexes, blistering humidity and the week-long highs of 90-plus degrees that beat down with ultraviolet rays to tax your lawn and landscape.  A lawn sprinkler system will allow you to easily adjust watering windows to correspond with your plant and turf's needs.

Now consider how busy your life is, you work hard but also play hard.  When you aren't traveling for work or working late hours in the office, you might find yourself on the golf course, at your child's sporting event or even slipping away for a three day weekend.  Watering your plants can quickly become an afterthought but the water is critical to the health of your turf and plants.  An automatic lawn sprinkler system eliminates these hassles and stresses.

Investing in an automatic lawn sprinkler system is the best way to protect your outside investment.  

Contact us for a free consultation about an irrigation system. Meeting the experts at Affordable is the final step to taking care of your landscape investment. Reed Libby and Ryan Muniz are one of only five certified irrigation contractors in Northern Virginia and Affordable provides free layout designs with its estimates.  We are one of the few lawn sprinkler companies who have their owners doing the estimates.  We do this to give our customers the best experience and reduce expensive commissions to sales people.  

You may have had all the common problems with your lawn and landscape:

  • Brown spots in the lawn. 
  • Patches of weeds crowding out the natural grass. 
  • Shrubs with limp leaves and plants with brown foliage.

You’ve tried to commit yourself to watering and fertilizing but never have the time. Considering how Northern Virginia’s humidity hovers from May through September, standing outside, perspiring, just isn’t inviting.

By choosing Affordable Lawn Sprinklers, you have zero maintenance woes. Whether you’re in the office in Montgomery County, Washington or at an international meeting in Brussels, your grass and azaleas will be gettng their necessary watering. If it’s raining back home or the soil happens to be saturated from a recent rainstorm, sensors will temporarily shut off the valves to prevent over-watering. Depending upon just how humid it is in your property’s microclimate, the Affordable lawn sprinkler system will dispense the exact amount of water needed for the landscaped beds and open lawn spaces on your property.

Whether it’s pop-up spray heads rotor heads or drip irrigation, Affordable’s lawn sprinkler system can employ “water zoning”, providing some plants (Hydrangea, Azalea, Rhododendron, Begonia, Impatiens) with more water while providing less to more drought-tolerant specimens (Juniper, Yucca, Sand Cherry, Crape Myrtle, False Cypress, Miscanthus Grass). Plants have varying water needs according to their genus and where they’re planted (sun vs. shade) in the landscape.

Our owners will personally meet with you onsite to review your lawn sprinkler system to determine whether your system should have Rainbird vs Hunter products.  

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers saves its customers money by conserving water and utilizing it wisely in their landscape irrigation designs. A report by the Rain Bird Corporation in “The Intelligent Use of Water”, since 1900, the U.S. population has doubled while per capita water usage has increased eightfold. This results in higher water prices.

What about outdoor lighting for beautifying your house and landscaping.  Affordable's Outdoor lighting specialist will illuminate the outside of your home with low-voltage, decorative lighting through the night. Timers automatically turn the lights off at sunrise.  Landscape lighting not only enhances to curb appeal of your property but it also provides safety and security.

  • Do you want outdoor lighting for the brick or stonework of your home spotlighted?
  • Wouldn't some landscape lighting be nice for the beautiful trees you just had installed?
  • Don't you think it would be a shame to forget the uplighting around your pool? 
  • What about some path lights to help your guest get from their car to your front door in comfort?
  • How about outdoor lighting around the sides of your house?
  • Or what about outdoor lighting that accentuates the vase-shaped branching of the tall trees on your lawn?

All of Affordable Lawn Sprinkler and Lighting's designers have a minimum of 5 years of experience in lighting design.  They have completed certifications through the following lighting companies:  Vista lighting, Cast lighting, Unique lighting, and Kichler lighting.  All lighting designers have extensive knowledge in not only lighting design but also your systems electrical needs.  During your lighting estimate, our designers can provide you with a detailed drawing of your lighting design with itemized pricing to allow you to change your outdoor lighting system to fit your budget. 

When you arrive home from an hour commute, you’ll approach a home with a thick, green lawn and well-nourished shrubs that sprout green leaves and flowers in vibrant colors. The lawn will be moist and the mulch will be saturated with the necessary water to feed your plants’ root systems. Pull up in a taxi after flying all night from Europe and you’ll be relieved to approach an illuminated home, knowing you feel safe upon entering.
Here are the areas we serve for irrigation and outdoor lighting systems:

Aldie, Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Ashburn, Bethesda, Brambleton, Bristow, Burke, Cascades, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, DC, District of Columbia, Dulles, Fairfax, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Franconia, Gainesville, Great Falls, Haymarket, Herndon, Lansdowne, Leesburg, Loudon County, Manassas, Maryland, Mclean, MD, Middleburg, Montgomery County, Northern Virginia, Nova, Old Town, Potomac, Potomac Falls, Prince William County, Purcellville, Reston, Round Hill, Springfield, South Riding, Sterling, Vienna, Virginia, VA

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Irrigation Systems

Affordable’s sprinkler systems come equipped with various spray nozzles that easily can be adjusted in your landscape. At home, you may control the type of spray, velocity and distance the water irrigates your lawn and garden.

Artistic Night Lighting

With an exterior lighting system, your home takes on a 24-7 charm with a built-in security system. Your landscape will come alive at night and your house will become one of the most noticeable on the block.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair and Service Programs

At Affordable Lawn Services, we provide several maintenance programs to ensure your sprinkler system continues to keep your landscape healthy and green. Our crews visit for the spring ”turn-on” and again in fall for “winterization” of your system.

Lawn Sprinkler Help Page

Water Conservation "We are Going Green"

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