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Schedule a free consultation for your lawn sprinkler, artistic night lighting, and artificial turf installations.


We schedule, install, and teach you about your new system as quickly and professionally as possible.


Enjoy your new-found freedom with automatic lawn sprinklers, artistic night lighting, and artificial turf.

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We Automate Your Home Experiences

What do you want to automate?

Artificial Turf

No more mowing, watering, and weeding makes artificial turf a desirable addition to your home experience.

Artistic Night Lighting

Make your yard come to life with beautiful, automatic, decorative outdoor lighting.

Irrigation Systems

Your automatic sprinkler system ensures your lawn’s health and wellness, without hours of care from you.


Annual Maintenance Plan

Affordable is offering Annual Maintenance Plans starting at $375 (saving you over $100!) Our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Plan is designed to ensure your sprinkler system operates flawlessly throughout the year. With specialized services at each critical point of the season, you’re set for optimal performance and efficiency. Our Annual Maintenance Plan includes:

Spring Start-up (a $160 value):

Kick off the season with our detailed system activation and inspection. We reconnect your backflow, turn on your main water supply, activate your control box, set up timers, ensure your system is leak-free, fully functional, and perfectly adjusted for the upcoming watering season.

Mid-Summer Check (a $160 value):

Midway through the season, let us fine-tune your system. We’ll adjust for vegetation growth and any changes in watering needs, guaranteeing your landscape receives precise hydration without wastage.

Winterization (a $160 value):

As the cold approaches, we secure your system with our winterization service. This essential service prevents freeze damage, ensuring your system’s longevity and reliability.

Additional Discounts:

Plus, enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on all additional services throughout the year. Whether it’s repair, upgrades, or emergency services, you’re covered.


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