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About Us

About Us

The Magic Behind the Mojo


We grew up mowing, mulching, pruning and watering our parents’ yards.  One thing we noticed as kids…watering was a lot of work It took forever– from dragging hoses and smashing plants to forgetting to shut off the water. We didn’t know how great we had it as kids! We grew up (our wives may disagree) and found ourselves trapped in the not-so-great indoors working corporate desk jobs. We decided life was too short; it was time to get back outside.

In 2002, our initial vision was to become an efficient “factory” of sprinkler systems by applying our business school teachings: Buy smart, hire cheap labor and use technology.

Thank You from Reed and Ryan


We soon realized the true need was for building a great product and offering outstanding customer service.  We wanted to offer the best product in the industry, a product built to last.  We live in this community; we raise our kids here; we coach your kids here. We soon realized that pride in community and pride in our product were one in the same. We spent years testing different products and brands, asking manufacturers their failure rates and comparing them to our own. It took us close to 5 years to hone in on the perfect componentry and parts.

Our next step was to create a company filled with the best employees and great attitudes. We pay above-market wages and treat our colleagues like friends and family. It was very important to build a team culture. Affordable takes care of its staff. We employ background-checked professionals year-round, rare in the “green” industry. Staff is fully insured, including liability and workers’ compensation. Service technicians are given mobile solutions to quickly access customer histories, resolve issues quickly and to enhance communication with all parties involved in your project. Our team has high morale and takes great pride in their work – exactly what you want from individuals handling critical plumbing, electrical and irrigation components on your property.


It has been 20+ years, and we now have over 5,000 customers. We are proud to be the faces of the company in the field making sure we are designing the right system for each home. We carefully consider the things that are unique to your yard like plant types, slopes, drainage, soil, the sun, etc. We strive to be your HOMETOWN EXPERTS every day.
We hope to meet you soon, neighbor!  

Affordable is distinguished as one of a handful of certified irrigation contractors in Northern Virginia. Reed and Ryan are members of The Irrigation Association. Reed is a board member of the Virginia Irrigation Association. The company also works with the environmental office staff of Loudoun County on water conservation issues and strategies for our region.

Why Choose Us?

In 2002, hometown entrepreneurs Reed Libby and Ryan Muniz applied their love of landscaping and customer service to start Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting. Many years and thousands of customers later, Affordable has established itself as a highly trusted and top-rated irrigation, lighting and turf provider in the Washington, DC region.