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Artistic Night Lighting

Artistic Night Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Affordable and Artistic Lighting

The finishing touch for any landscape is decorative outdoor lighting. With it, your landscape is never dormant. Without it, your home exterior is dark and an invitation for prowlers and nocturnal animals.

Why not let Affordable show you how dynamic, decorative, low-voltage lighting will look around your property? With a network of accent lights set with timers, your home will be transformed at night and take on special warmth – much more than it does with only a porch light or stand alone lamp post. And Affordable’s lights are safe. Even if an electrical line is cut, there is no risk of a shock with our 12-volt electrical system.

Safety and Beauty

If you don’t already have a security service, you will with Affordable’s night lighting network. When walking to your front door, you, your kids, and delivery personnel will clearly and safely see the entire landscape. 

In terms of property value, artistic lighting attracts the eye of a home-shopper, should you ever desire to sell. Your property will have “curb appeal” 24 hours a day. 

Decorative touches are limitless. Affordable’s lights can illuminate your deck, highlight figurines in your shrub beds, illuminate trees, entrances, wood fences and rich stone walls. Brick-paved driveways will be lit so their cobbled texture is visible at night. Flowing vines over arbors, on trellises and surrounding gazebos will be enhanced with dim lighting. If you have a pond with spitters or a waterfall, lighting is essential. Your waterscape deserves to be seen, as well as heard, at night. And yes, your lawn will be green even after sundown.

Think how beautiful your home could look. And think how safe you and your family will feel, no matter when you leave or enter your home.


Common Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you have about all aspects of artistic night lighting.

Unfortunately, the majority of the lighting jobs I see when driving around at night stink.  Either they weren’t designed right from the beginning or the systems haven’t been properly maintained.  Experience is very important.  If the sales representative has only been in the business a few years or doesn’t visit his or her job site, his jobs probably look bad.  Here is a list of things to ask or do in your research:

  1. Look at their website, how does their portfolio look?  If those pictures don’t look good then there is a good chance your jobs won’t either.  What brands do they list?  The major brand names are Kichler, Hadco, Vista, Unique, BR, and Cast.  If you don’t see those companies listed, they are probably using cheaps knock-off brands made in China or cheap plastic Home Depot lights.
  2. Does the sales representative have any pictures to show off jobs he or she has done
  3. How long has the sales representative been doing lighting?  What training have they received?  Are they Certified?
  4. Ask general questions such as “How many amps will the system need” “How much will it cost me a month” “Will you voltage test my lights to avoid premature burn-outs” “How do you compensate for voltage drop”.  These questions probably don’t mean anything to you at the moment but a great lighting designer will be able to explain what these things mean and why it is important for the longevity and safety of your lighting system.
  5. What brand lights do you use?  Be leary of companies that only offer one brand.  Lights all have different price points.  Some customers may be more value-focused, others may prefer to pay a little bit more for a better light if they understand the value.  Also, certain manufacturers manufacturer better lights for certain applications.  A good company should carry at least 3 different brands.

Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting is the complete package. We are experts in lawn sprinkler systems and low voltage lighting systems. Here are 5 huge reasons why we are a great pick:
1) We have been the highest consumer rated sprinkler and lighting company since reviews became popular in 2009 (Angie List, Yelp, Google)
2) We have custom selected the best materials to construct a system that will last 20-30 years with proper maintenance
3) All project managers have 10+ field experience and are bilingual to ensure a smooth customer experience
4) We have a huge service department that services a densely populated service area that is dedicated to providing outstanding service. Beware of companies that are located more than 20 miles away.
5) We have 6 dedicated office people to help answer your questions and schedule your service needs and 16 service technicians

When selecting your irrigation contractor, one must look long term. Who is going to be able to properly service this system for the next 10-20 years? If you are going to spend thousands of dollars, you need to make sure you are putting in a system that is going to last a long time.

Do your research, look at the BBB, subscribe to Angie’s List or Washington Checkbook, check references, ask for a detailed drawing of your plan, look at their website, call their office and make sure someone answers your call.

Have more FAQs? Visit our FAQ Page.

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In 2002, hometown entrepreneurs Reed Libby and Ryan Muniz applied their love of landscaping and customer service to start Affordable Outdoor Solutions. Many years and thousands of customers later, Affordable has established itself as a highly trusted and top-rated irrigation, lighting and turf provider in the Washington, DC region.