It's a simple formula -- grass and plant roots will not survive our summers without regular and well-timed watering. In many cases, homeowners are forced to replace expensive flowering trees and evergreens and re-sod lawns and patches that have died. Homeowners can safeguard landscape investments with a sprinkler and irrigation system professionally installed by Affordable.

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We are a full-service firm that offers design, installation, and maintenance services. Few companies have invested as much time and money to build capabilities and infrastructure similar to Affordable Lawn Sprinklers and Lighting. This is one of the things that distinguishes us as a leader in the Washington area.

Our irrigation and design specialists will visit your property for a free consultation. They will analyze your property and its watering needs to design the optimal system. They will discuss:

  • What sections of the yard get the most sun?
  • Which plants have struggled due to too much or too little water?
  • How much flexibility do you want with watering different sections of your yard?
  • How have you been watering in the past?

After reviewing our design with the homeowner we will provide detailed pricing for the system. Although many homeowners have the same size lot, pricing can vary. Here are the main factors affecting price:

  • Where we do the plumbing connection?
  • How much landscaping you have?
  • If can you use our machine to install the water lines?
  • How many other things have already been installed underground (outdoor lighting, pool pipes, drainage, etc)?

Benefits from Technology

Affordable offers “Smart control boxes” by Rainbird, Irritrol, and Weathermatics. These are simpler versions of what golf courses use. They communicate daily with weather stations to automatically adjust watering times. They result in ideal water conditions for your turf and grass and save the average homeowner $1000’s of dollars over the life of your system.

We invest hundreds of hours annually to research and test new irrigation products for water efficiency and effectiveness. We've learned that not everything is a good fit for our region. For example, soil moisture sensors determine the moisture content of your lawn and shrub beds. If there is excessive moisture from recent rains or an extended forecast for clouds the system adjusts to enhance water conservation. It puts a system into “dormancy” until the sun and warm weather return. It has been quite effective on the Pacific coast but doesn’t function as well in Northern Virginia. We find “Smart Control Boxes” to be more water efficient and less problematic.

Common Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you have about all aspects of sprinkler and irrigation systems.

  • “Will my water bill raise significantly?”
  • “Can you work off my well?”
  • “Will there be much damage to my property”
  • “Does my house have enough pressure”
  • “Can you install a separate water meter so I don’t pay sewage”


We encourage you to explore our FAQ section for answers to many of these questions.

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